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Situated just under 1.5 km away from Trincomalee town, on 328 Dyke Street, Trincomalee 31000, Sri Lanka. The most memorable experience for the eyes and heart and a well earned rest for the body and the mind.

This Beach Hotel offers 12 comfortable rooms, with a well thought out layout and captivating design, guided by nature with all materials sourced locally.
Catered for your super relaxing and stress-free vacation.

There are places you want to stay forever after visiting them once and if you think all boho-chic places with great ambiance and even better food can be found only in the south of the Island.

Located in beautiful Dutch Bay, this totally chic restaurant and bar is one of the most instagrammable places in Trincomalee and a great option for all healthy lifestyle lovers.

Please come in. We are very happy to have you as our guest!
Our designers went the extra mile to ensure that our guests will feel welcomed and at ease from the moment they step in.

Our guests will notice the instant they walk in – the attention to detail and an effort to include their needs in setting it up.

From the comfortable beds to the eye pleasing furnishings and accents to reflect the turquoise dream scape outside the windows to the kimono bathrobes and the daily newspaper on request.

Our hotel rooms will make sleeping and getting up comfortable and pleasant for you, we have not neglected the other functions of a modern hotel room.

Thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and stunning ambiance, our restaurant offers organic, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Angels are Always Welcome
328, Dyke Street,
Trincomalee 31000, Sri Lanka.
Customer Support
+94 26 205 6464
+94 76 304 5325 (WhatsApp)

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